Natural Habitat Protection and Management to reduce encroachment.

Published: 15 October 2018
Last edited: 01 April 2019

LUFASI having an isolated 20ha forest lodged in the middle of a highly commercialised and densely populated Lekki peninsula of Lagos burdens its health. The forest has a partially completed boundary fence, which has reduced the authorized entry by 40% . This along with the scheduled patrols stopped loggers and poachers from game hunting in the forest for business and traditional purposes. Although there are stringent rules regarding unauthorized entry, there is still encroachment by the nearby community members which heavily disturbs the forest and the biodiversity present. The public would either enter to get firewood, manage small farms within the forest or use it as a corridor to the other side of the park. The completion of the perimeter fence will minimize the intrusion to 96% and allow the density of the flora and fauna population to increase thereby creating an ecological balance in the forest. LUFASI invokes the importance of green spaces to their tourists and visitors through the construction of sustainable bamboo and Ekki walking bridges and pathways to give the park a more natural and aesthetic appeal. We want to further improve by clearing and developing more nature trails showcasing the beauty and importance of the forests to biodiversity and us humans.


Collection of baseline and monitoring data and knowledge
Communication, outreach and awareness building
Education, training and other capacity development activities
Management planning
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution
Planning phase
Inception phase

Enabling factors

The availability of funds to carry out park management operations.

Park enforced and designated as a reputable Protected Area from esteemed organisations.

LUFASI being seen as an important stakeholder among the state and federal ministries of environment for collaboration in Nigeria.


Lessons learned

Community(especially those nearby the forest) and children (including school pupils)engagement in the forest’s protection.

Display of informative placards with park rules and regulations, the importance of biodiversity conservation etc.

Prior awareness in form of trainings, workshops and conferences to instill environmentalism in the education system and policy makers in order to smoothly enforce the protection of the urban forest or to be designated as a PA.



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