Working closely with the community

Published: 31 August 2020
Last edited: 16 November 2020

Working closely with the community respects the diversity of traditions, acknowledging elements of a backward nature.


The community work must begin with the interests and needs of the community itself; the work should act as the protagonist in the solution to problems.


The purpose of the governance processes that the Institute applies is to facilitate communication processes between the organization and the communities, using methodology based on inclusive management workshops.



Alliance and partnership development
Co-management building
Communication, outreach and awareness building
Scale of implementation
Phase of solution
Planning phase
Inception phase

Enabling factors

  1. In the Brazil region, it is known that nature conservation is 90% related to local communities. Bearing this in mind, the Institute is building relationships and creating a long-term work plan.
  2. The bonds of trust that are established with the communities are crucial to being able to work closely with them.
  3. Government governance processes
  4. Governance processes in indigenous and community-based conservation areas.

Lessons learned

  1. Several organizations have participated in initiatives in an effort to ensure conservation in and development of communities. However they have not been able to do so because they have not been able to understand and respect the communities.
  2. Various organizations still do not understand that 90% of conservation projects involve communities and indigenous peoples
  3. It is important to work hand in hand with government governance processes; effective management of the territory will be achieved by involving stakeholders.