Product Innovation and Development Using Applied Technology

Publié: 10 juin 2019
Dernière modification: 10 juin 2019

The continuation of organizing every group of the village is to hold a training and development of post farm production such as improving quality of raw materials, packaging, marketing, and research and development. Applicable technology (i.e. fish farming intensification (biofloc), fish food production using pepper and rice farm waste supported mechanical processing, organic fertilizer using processed waste of fish farming, etc) is required and it has to be simple technology so that the people can operate, maintain, and even build the machine itself. Widening the range of market and technology information can be obtained from training events and various exhibitions. Up until the final stage that the local people are fully capable to execute and develop themselves. The future evolving technology that is going to be applied in the village has to be controlled so it doesn't exceed its biocapacity(an estimation of capacity given to an ecosystem/biological productive area to absorbs waste and produce natural resources).


Évaluation, mesures d'efficacité et apprentissage
Cadre juridique et politique, plaidoyer en faveur des politiques
Planification de la gestion
Financement durable
Échelle de la mise en œuvre
Phase de la solution
Documentation et dissémination des résultats

Facteurs de réussite

  • Executing initial research of post farm product development and application of applied technology
  • Widening the distribution of those products to big cities nearby.
  • Product development with various practical and modern packaging
  • Green packaging development to eco-friendly material/plastic subtitute material (i.e using plastic subtitute package, such as, plastic from sea weed, maizena, etc).
  • Product innovation (i.e. powder, essential oil, etc) to create more variety of products and increasing brand value
  • Network expansion to export market

Enseignements tirés

  • Understand which local companies we're going to collaborate with and regional distribution line.
  • Discover various organic community and product innovation, green packaging innovation, and applied technology to support these.
  • Enriching product and market knowledge and its legal barrier so we can improve human capacity to overcome those challenges.
  • Using up to date media as marketing strategies (online marketing) so increasing information tech savviness is mandatory for villagers.