Community exchange visits

Exchange visits were organized to places where the initiative has been active for some time and the implementation is on-going. For example, in order to acquire drought tolerant crops for local production, Ecofinder Kenya visited the Tangokona community in Busia County, Kenya where improved cassava and sweet potato varieties have been promoted and grown by local communities. The model was studied by Yala wetland communities, seeds purchased and farmers are now growing drought tolerant cassava and sweet potatoes.

  • Pay actual visit to model sites or farmers.
  • Availability of resources including transportation, learning facilitation at the place of visit.
  • Willingness to learn and practice the new skills among the interested stakeholders.
  • Local production of recommended drought resilient crop varieties can be achieved by learning and sharing of skills and ideas.
  • Farmers can embrace and practice what they see and can confirm to have worked in similar places.
  • The success of implementation of improved crop production and testing of new crop varieties may be dependent on prevaining weather conditions mainly rainfall amounts especially for rain-fed agriculture.