Ecosystem Vulnerability Assessment through Traditional Knowledge

One of the keys to identifying habitat loss is through traditional means. During the olden days, the naming of any species happened due to its presence/sightings. But presently, most of the species that have local names are not found in the wild. One of the reasons could be that their numbers are declining or may even have become extinct. Therefore, through the approach of traditional knowledge, species availability and vulnerability assessments can be made.

Elders have an indispensable role in the community. For generations, they have been the source of wisdom and knowledge of various traditions and cultural practices, including those associated with nature. Using such traditional wisdom is an essential asset for many issues that often pave the way for possible interventions. Thus, building a good rapport with the elders, and creating a space for sharing and learning with them, is one of the strengths of the process.

  • The elders are old but wise; make friends with them and gain knowledge.
  • Relying only on theoretical knowledge is not sufficient. Therefore, strolling around the jungle with the elders and listening to various sounds of birds and animals has more practical relevance and creates bonding with nature.