Interpretive tools to influence behavior
To facilitate the interpretive efforts reaching the snorkeling clients a set of materials was designed and created to be used by the snorkel operators. This set of materials included: a 20-sided, A3, waterproof flip chart depicting organized information on the reef environment, a double sided water proof marine life identification slate, a salesman folder (used to sell excursions in a more organized and professional manner), flags used to brand the boats that undertook the training and deliver interpretive efforts, a uniform branded with the workshop logo and sign boards placed along the beach explaining what the branded logo stands for (so clients can choose their boats accordingly) and also depicting the newly developed code of conduct all boats will adhere to. This code of conduct was developed during the workshop in one of the group discussions.
Available funding for material production and free distribution of materials.
It is important to create easy to use and clear materials that any of the target audience (in this case coastal snorkel boat operators) can use. Apart from just designing these materials, it is essential that training be included in how to use these materials. This offers the target audience an opportunity to ask questions about the materials or overcome their fears of not understanding what each material is used for. The training session described above was essential in making the target audience more comfortable with the materials. Some of the participants who were too shy during the training to make use of this practice session were not seen using the materials after the workshop. Showing the target audience how easy it is to use these materials is very important.