Rewilding for restoring key species and their ecological roles in a degraded ecosystem

We developed the Iberá Rewilding Program, aimed at
re-establishing sustainable populations of all locally extirpated
fauna. These reintroductions are mainly aimed to advance ecological restoration instead of individual species endangered recovery. Also, focusing in the restoration of key species which effect in the ecosystem is stronger, we guarantee the restoration of their role and the recovery of a healthy and balanced ecosystem

- Planning, feasibility assessments and permits

-Source of animals

- Quarantine phase and hand-rearing 

 -Pre-release phase

-Release of individuals

- Individuals monitoring

- Reintroduced population monitoring and demographic evaluation

- Demographic assessment

- Communication and program evaluation

We recognize two main organizational strengths that have
helped us to achieve our rewilding results in Iberá: the availability of large areas of high-quality and well-protected habitat for
released animals (some of which were owned and managed by us),
and the existence of long-term funding that allowed us to work
for more than 10 years. These advantages are not always available
to reintroduction projects, which usually face difficulties in habitat
and funding availability.